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Northern Experience Pelagics developed out of Martin's time as Field Trips Officer for the Northumberland and Tyneside Bird Club, and we've been carrying out research into the distribution and abundance of White-beaked Dolphins and other marine wildlife in the North Sea since 2003, when we first encountered these beautiful animals on an evening pelagic out of the River Tyne. We're a partner in the groundbreaking North East Cetacean Project and donate several days of Martin's time each month to voluntary work; coordinating the North East Cetacean Project, leading Marine Mammal and Seabird Surveyor training courses for MARINElife and carrying out transect surveys of the North Sea off Northumberland, all of which supports and informs decision-making processes relating to this fragile and sensitive environment.

On a Northern Experience pelagic, you'll benefit from our 27 years experience of finding North Sea wildlife, knowledge of our seabirds and cetaceans, and insights into current research and thinking, but perhaps, most of all, from our passion for the North Sea :-)

Our pelagic trips from Royal Quays take place on the JFK Two. This new boat offers an excellent vantage point for observation and some truly outstanding opportunities for photography of wildlife.

Over recent years our pelagic trips have proved very successful and they are an excellent way to enjoy our offshore wildlife in the company of guides who have been actively involved in re-defining our knowledge of the offshore mammals and birds of Northumberland.

Pelagic wildlife is very unpredictable but highlights in recent years have included Harbour Porpoise (2006, 2009-2023), Minke Whale (2006-2008, 2011-2023), the 1st British North Sea Wilson's Petrel (2002), Long-tailed Skua (2002, 2014, 2023), Sabine's Gull (2005), Great Shearwater (2007), Balearic Shearwater (2007, 2014), Pomarine Skua (2007, 2012, 2014), excellent views of Sooty Shearwater in each of the last twenty two years and several very close encounters with White-beaked Dolphins (2003, 2005, 2010-2023) and Bottlenose Dolphins (2016-2023).

You can see available dates by visiting our calendar page, which has our online shop built into it to make it easier for you to book the date you want.


Our 4 hour trips, departing from Royal Quays Marina, North Shields at 17.30, unless otherwise indicated, are scheduled for the following dates (£45/person):


Friday 10th May 17:00 - FULLY BOOKED

Friday 17th May - FULLY BOOKED

Wednesday 29th May - FULLY BOOKED

Friday 7th June - FULLY BOOKED

Wednesday 26th June - FULLY BOOKED

Wednesday 10th July - FULLY BOOKED

Friday 19th July - FULLY BOOKED

Wednesday 24th July - FULLY BOOKED

Wednesday 7th August 09:00 - FULLY BOOKED

Wednesday 7th August 13:30 - FULLY BOOKED

Wednesday 14th August 09:00 - 2 places available

Wednesday 14th August 13:30 - FULLY BOOKED

Monday 19th August 09:00 - FULLY BOOKED

Monday 19th August 13:30 - FULLY BOOKED

Wednesday 28th August 09:00 - 6 places available

Wednesday 28th August 13:30 - FULLY BOOKED

Friday 6th September 09:00 - 9 places available

Friday 6th September 13:30 - FULLY BOOKED

Wednesday 11th September 09:00 - 4 places available

Wednesday 11th September 13:30 - FULLY BOOKED

Wednesday 18th September 09:00 - 8 places available

Wednesday 18th September 13:30 - 10 places available


Our Northumberland Ultimate Pelagics, departing from Royal Quays Marina, North Shields, at 8am and lasting for approximately 9 hours, are scheduled for the following dates (£90/person):


Saturday 10th August - FULLY BOOKED

Thursday 22nd August - 5 places available

Monday 2nd September - FULLY BOOKED

Saturday 14th September - 10 places available

Sunday 22nd September - 10 places available


Click on the relevant date on our calendar page to book, or contact us at

Please note that all trips are subject to cancellation in adverse weather conditions.


The Friday night and Saturday whole day pelagic trips are fantastic. Over the past two years I have been on approx seven pelagics and all of them have been wonderful.  The Friday evening trips are a brilliant way to wind-down after a busy week at work and the Saturday trips are an equally brilliant way to spend a day on the water.  There is a hidden world of birdlife just off the north east coast and these trips let you see gannets dive just next to the boat, fulmars soar and gulls argue and bicker with each other as well as there being a heap of other bird species that I'm just starting to recognise.  I can't recommend the trips enough and (being fairly new to this bird watching business) I always learn something new as everyone the boat is friendly and happy to help a learner!  Finally, if the bird life isn't enough there is always the chance to happen across a whale or a dolphin - you just have to be there.

Joanne Watson Whitley Bay